Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Beatles

The Beatles besides being among the most talented musicians and performers in musical history, can also be considered among those men who were fashionable from the 60s.

They were trendsetters and experimented with the styles of the decade. From their classic and sleek Mod fashions in 1962 to the pyschedelic, high fashion, Carnaby street clothing from the late 60s.

It would be fair to say that The Beatles didn't really "create" any of this trends, they borrowed them from the subcultures of the era, yet they helped make them global and therefore defined fashion in the 60s.

Below the Fab Four around 1968-1969 posing in a field of flowers wearing different styled outfits. Ringo is wearing a colored outfit that is an example of the Carnaby Street style, Paul a sleek purple suit with a white shirt, while John and George opted for something minimalistic and understated.

Photo: Flickr


Cruz said...

Beatles ftw that pic is pretty impeccably styled

RetroVintageModStyle said...

I agree :)