Friday, September 4, 2009

Steve Rubell

Steve Rubell, one of the owners of the legendary Studio 54 (Ian Schrager was the other owner), is definetly an icon of 70s NYC nightlife due to his personality and for being host to some of the most memorable parties of the era.

Till this day, his selectiveness outside the doors of 54 is remembered. Steve wanted to host the perfect party and therefore not everybody got inside the club. He was friends with the celebrities and jet setters of the late 70s (he was introduced to some of them by 54's PR woman, Carmen D'Alessio).

When working and partying at Studio 54, Rubell usually wore a tuxedo or suit (if it was a special party), floral shirts, polos, jeans, sneakers, sweaters, or just a simple white shirt. Below a photo of him sitting on one of the "banquets" at 54 wearing what appears to be a white suit with a polo underneath, and a pair of sneakers.

Photo: Flickr

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