Monday, May 31, 2010

Dennis Hopper: An Authentic Artist

The death of Dennis Hopper two days ago on May 29, has struck many due to the fact that not only one of Hollywood's most iconic and talented actors passed away, but also a Film Director, TV actor, photographer, painter, and art collector.

Having begun his career in Hollywood with James Dean on "Rebel Without A Cause" and "Giant", Hopper is remembered best for his roles in films such as "Easy Rider", "Apocalypse Now", and "Blue Velvet".

It was "Easy Rider", the 1969 film that captured precisely the 60s counterculture and lifestyle in the US, that gave Dennis Hopper international acclaim when he won the "Best First Film by a New Director" in 1969's Cannes Film Festival. This was his first directed film, which was also produced, co-written, and co-starred by Peter Fonda. "Easy Rider" shows us the journey of two bike-riding dealers, Wyatt (Fonda) & Billy (Hopper) along the Southwest, from California to New Orleans; with the only goals of finding freedom and attending the Mardi Gras. Jack Nicholson also appears on "Easy Rider" as George Hanson, a lawyer who joins Wyatt & Billy on their journey.

Below a photo of Fonda, Hopper, and Nicholson during "Easy Rider".

Dennis Hopper besides being an actor and director was also a talented photographer, painter, and art collector. He photographed the likes of Paul Newman and Ike & Tina Turner in the 60s. In "Apocalypse Now" he played the role of a photojournalist.

Hopper's works will be part of Jeffrey Deitch's inaugural show at the MOCA in Los Angeles this year. As an art collector, Dennis Hopper was the proud owner of art done by Basquiat, Warhol, Harring, Lietchistein, Hirst, and Banksy.

Photo: Bock


jeune_premier said...

i learned for hos death when i was was ex[ected but yet made me sad...he was crazy but still a very big personality...
loved his acting at "Rumble fish"...

RetroVintageModStyle said...

Yeah even thought it was expected, it was a sad event. I prefer him on "Easy Rider" & "Blue Velvet".