Friday, May 28, 2010

Spanish Movida Dandyism

The Spanish Movida (Movida Madrilena) was a cultural/artistic/social movement in Spain during the 80s. It was a type of "renaissance" in which several subcultures and groups had a big impact in many fields: music, art, cinema, nightlife, and fashion. Mecano, a Pop-New Wave group, was one the Movida's exponents.

While shooting their video for "Me Cole En Una Fiesta" ("I Crashed Your Party"), its three members were wearing a very Dandy look, which had the 80s Movida touch. Jose Maria Cano is wearing a dark orange suit (with double breasted jacket and high waisted pants), a striped white shirt, and a mustard yellow tie. Ana Torroja wears a pink mini dress with draping and ruffles, very reminiscent of the 40s. Meanwhile Nacho Cano is wearing a similar grey suit like the one worn by Jose Maria.


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Anonymous said...

WoooW! I love Mecano!!!!!
they re fabulous!!!!
Viva ana torroja!, viva los hermanos cano y sobretodo su apertura de mente y sus letras!
viva Mecano!