Monday, August 16, 2010

Talitha & John Paul Getty in Rome

When talking about "The Swinging 60s" in London one can't miss Talitha & John Paul Getty. Mostly remembered for their elegant bohemian/hippie styles, the Gettys as they were known got married in late 1966. From London to Rome to Marrakech they caught everyone's attention wherever they went, their carefree attitude and style were the key.

Circa 1968 Talitha & John Paul were photographed on Rome's Via dei Condotti wearing psychedelic floral print ensembles. John Paul wore a shirt whose print was similar to that of Talitha's top; he also wore a metallic hoop belt. Talitha on the other hand opted for beads and a pair of Roman sandals.

In 1969 the Gettys posed for Lord Lichfield on a terrace in Marrakech wearing kaftans, the result was one of the most iconic photographs of the 60s.

Photo: Flickr


Phil said...

via condotti in the 60's, what a great place to be!

RetroVintageModStyle said...

It sure was!