Friday, May 6, 2011

Andy Warhol's Silkscreen Portraits

Andy Warhol was one of the most acclaimed American artists of the 20th Century and a leading figure in the Pop Art movement. From his iconic Campbell's Soup Cans to his Factory films that featured the likes of Edie Sedgwick and Nico, and portraits of Marilyn Monroe; Warhol was an art pioneer and visionaire.

In the mid 70s Andy Warhol began making again silkscreen portraits, just like the ones he had done in the 60s of Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy. This time his portraits featured leaders from the worlds of fashion, music, art, cinema, culture, sports, and politics.

Below some examples of Warhol's iconic silkscreen portraits from this period; portraits that still have the same visual and artistic impact after nearly 40 years from their creation. These portraits feature the likes of: Yves Saint Laurent, Halston, Valentino, Diane von Furstenberg, Giorgio Armani, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Brigitte Bardot, Gunter Sachs, Jane Fonda, Debbie Harry, Liza Minelli, Grace Jones, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Photos: Flickr, Andy Warhol

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A Super Dilettante said...

He was a genius man. While other artists were busy exploring the paintings of old masters, he invented a new visual language for his medium - popular art and bridge the gap between the traditional art and the popular culture.