Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2011

Tom Ford is not only one of the most talented designers in modern fashion, but a designer who knows how to express elegance, class, and good taste on all of his creations. In late 2010 he was acclaimed for his first womenswear collection designed for Spring Summer 2011, yet his menswear collection for this season is quite outstanding as well.

For Spring Summer 2011 Tom Ford's menswear is a blend of 70s Yves Saint Laurent safari jackets with "The Italian Job" suedejackets, "Miami Vice" circa 1984-1985, and elegant dandyism from the 50s and 60s. The color palette on this collection is made up mainly of dark and pastel colors, not shiny or very bold, such as: black, gray, brown, sand, white, pink, purple, and blue.

These two previous ensembles are very 70s inspired due to the oversized aviator sunglasses and the lightweight suede and cotton safari jackets. Worth noticing are the polka dot silk bandanas and woven belts that add a sophisticated European touch.

1969's "The Italian Job" proved that a suede jacket was a wardrobe essential for any stylish man, and despite temperatures being high in Summer one can still wear one of these on cool nights. The tassel loafers are quite impressive and very Italian too.

"Miami Vice" is certainly a Spring/Summer inspiration for many, and most likely for Tom Ford also. He brings the style of the popular 80s TV series to 2011 with a modern, sleek, and not so bold approach. Pairing up pastel colored linen jackets and trousers with accessories such as silk bandanas, woven belts, and oversized sunglasses, Ford expresses timeless elegance. The finishing touch is added by silk pocketsquares.

Black is the color of elegance, and Tom Ford knows it because he has created ensembles that are perfect for any dinner or party Summer night.

Ford expresses classic dandyism at its best with these suits which are a synonym of elegance and perfection from the ties, cufflinks, shirts, and brogues. My personal favorite is the Prince of Wales suit.

This Summer don't wear your usual black dinner jacket, instead opt for one of Tom Ford's sophisticated and eyecatching jacquard & cotton print jackets. And of course don't forget to wear black patent leather shoes.

Photos: Tom Ford


Agustín said...

Tom se ha vuelto tan anti-moda que por fin hace cosas que yo incorporaría a mi armario.

A Super Dilettante said...

I just love soft lilac colour jacket in the picture 3. It's perfect summer evening jacket.