Monday, June 30, 2008

Black & White

Black and white is not only an elegant combination, but also a timeless one. Looking at the Kilgour SS 2009 collection I found some brilliant examples that show black and white at their best. It's like bringing Halston, Tony Manero, and Miami Vice back to 2008!


Sunday, June 29, 2008


When looking at Yves Saint Laurent's Spring Summer 2009 collection all I can think of is Mod. The reason I think this is because I can see Mod fashion elements such as: a suit, a turtleneck, a tie, a black leather bomber jacket, a trench coat, Doc Marten style shoes...and the color scheme is very elegant and basic: black, grey, blue, and khaki. YSL along with Missoni have become my favorite collections for SS 2009, not only because they're retro inspired but because they're classic, and most of all wearable. Below are some highlights from YSL.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Graduate

"Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me."

That's what Benajmin Braddock said to Mrs. Robinson, played by Anne Bancroft, in the 1967 hit film "The Graduate". During the film we can see Benjamin/Dustin Hoffman wear clothes that mixes Mod with California style successfully. Who can forget Benjamin's classic 60s suit, which can be worn nowadays without any problem at all, the black round plastic frame 60s sunglasses, the brown jacket, but most of all the one and only Mrs. Robinson.

A film worth watching not only for the late 60s style and decor, but also for the plot and acting, and last but not least, the Simon & Garfunkel soundtrack.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Easy Rider

"Easy Rider" starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Jack Nicholson manages to capture in a mangnificent way the true spirit of the late 60s. Everything about that revolutionary period in time is reflected in this film, especially the counterculture (from an anthropological point of view). Could the 60s be considered as a kind of Renaissance? In my opinion, yes because everything was reinvented or changed, and new things appeared. For instance fashion became more casual and went back to it's organic roots with nature inspired pieces and fabrics. I don't know how the 60s will be looked back on in let's say 100-200 years. But what it's true is that nowadays they are still missed and longed by some (those who were or weren't alive back then) because this decade was iconic and unique: freedom in all areas, the music, design, fashion, life philosophy etc.

Below is Peter Fonda taking a break from it all contemplating nature. He's wearing a white shirt with Navajo motiffs, black leather pants with a Navajo belt, leather sandals with socks (it would be better without the socks), and 60s Racer inspired sunglasses. Sometimes moments like the one depicted after these lines are very rare nowadays since life nowadays can be very fast and time demanding, leaving few time to enjoy the beauty of nature, our loved ones, or the priceless yet meaningful things in life. But I guess if one is determined to enjoy those things, it can be possible after all.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In Shanghai

One of my main objectives with this blog is not only to show retro vintage mod fashion as it was exactly worn in the past, but to show a recreation of it with modern pieces that can bring forward this style to the present. The result, pieces or outfits that when worn make you feel as if you were living 40 or 30 years before.

The photos below are an example of this recreation. The setting Shanghai, the year 2008. A man and a woman. The man wearing in the first photo a crisp white suit, white shirt, black tie, black loafers (without socks), and to accesorize a pair of thick 60s style black eyeglasses and a Martini. The women wearing a 70s style open black halter dress.

The second photo taken downtown Shanghai continues to evoke the past. He is wearing a striped blazer, white shirt, an eye catching tie (complementing the striped blazer), and the same eyeglasses. She wears a pink dress that could be from 1961 and a pair of round bug shaped sunglasses.

Photos: GQ

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Missoni Spring Summer 2009

Milan's Spring Summer 2009 Fashion week is taking place these days and I was more than surprised...very see what Missoni is releasing for this season. It's mainly very 70s and slightly late 60s inspired. An online review of it said that Missoni had said they were inspired by Alain Delon (he's been mentioned in almost every entry in this blog) and the late Yves Saint Laurent. I definetely see YSL reflected in those safari ensembles. Brilliant and wearable collection that brings back 70s male fashion to the present.


To sail or enjoy the coast in a stylish and retro way, a striped t-shirt, jersey, pullover etc is required. The king of all striped combinations is that made up of navy blue and white, which is sharp and very nautical. White trousers (or jeans if you want), blue boat shoes or loafers, and Wayfarers complete this 50s-60s Mediterranean coastline look. Below are 2 examples of the modern and urban approach to the European nautical look.

And if you're already in a nautical spirit, I recommend you watch today "A Plein Soleil", the original 1960 version of "The Talented Mr. Ripley" starring Alain Delon. Great film especially if you're into the Italian late 50s /early 60s style.
Photos: GQ/

Saturday, June 21, 2008


They're literally all over the place in 2008 and have once again become a fashion staple. It seems the world's most famous sunglasses are destined to be "in style" again in every decade since their creation in 1952.

IMO these are classic and quintessential sunglasses to be worn not because they're trendy, but because of their design/aesthetic and all the retro/cultural icon aura that surrounds them.

I may sound a bit reptitive, because it's been said in almost every article I have stumbled upon since late 2006 about these sunglasses, when Ray Ban relaunched them; but these sunglasses have been worn by almost everyone....celebrities, politicians, musicians, artists, poets, painters, style icons, sports people, common people like you and me...

Like Bob Dylan, a "Wayfarer icon", sang "The times are changin'...."; not only times are changin, but wayfarers too. The original 50s Wayfarers were black or tortoise and pretty much stayed the same till the late 70s. When Wayfarers were back in style in 1983, they were reinvented, their design changed, and a new colors were made available.

In early 2007 Ray Ban had black, tortoise, white, and red Wayfarers for sale. However some months ago the Wayfarer color palette expanded and now you can find them in several colors, some combining different colors and patterns.

Wayfarers will always have an important place in the "Sunglass Hall of Fame" and therefore we'll continue seeing them in coming years. However once again, wear them not only because you want to look cool, but because you appreciate their artistic and "historical" elements. Afterall what's more retro and classic than a pair of black Wayfarers!

Photo: GQ

Friday, June 20, 2008


Pt. 2Keith Richards back in 1967 was already iconic. To achieve a casual, urban, hip, rocker look like his just wear a tight t-shirt, jeans (skinny only if you're skinny!), leather bracelets, a necklace or pendant, and maybe a summer scarf. Black eye liner is up to you.

The all white look is not only worn by doctors or scientists...but also by the likes of Don Johnson in Miami. The perfect summer look imo to look elegant at any time of the day on the beach. To give it an 80s twist wear your Wayfarers.

Funky in the summer...mix colors, textures, fabrics, and styles this summer. If you feel like, do it.

Jean Paul Belmondo is not only one of France's greatest actors like Alain Delon, but he also wore a light colored and fresh unbuttoned shirt while riding his Vespa in Cannes. Wear it with jeans or trousers, and some boat/loafer shoes.

Photos: GQ


Pt. 1

Summer begins today, so to kick off summer and this blog I'll be looking back in time to see what summer style was like. And who knows, maybe you can find some inspiration here for your holiday and bring back these styles to 2008!

Alain Delon in Rome during the early 60s wearing an unbuttoned shirt, ideal for the extremely hot Roman summer, with a gold pendant. Fresh, classic, simple, and minimalistic.

Lunch at the Hills...whether in LA or the French Riviera...nothing more trendy and sharp than a suit, preferably in clear and soft colors such as white, beige, or khaki. To make it more casual you could only wear the jacket with a tie and some jeans; or the jacket with an unbuttoned shirt and jeans. Don't forget the girls and cocktails.

This summer the boho/ethnic trend is still going through a revival. Combine boho and mod with some Hindu style clothes; which is never out of style like The Beatles. Nehru shirts and jackets are a must have. The color and decor is up to you but I recommend light and fresh materials such as cotton and linen.

David Bailey knew how to dress on a cool summer day in Cannes back in the day. A navy blue jacket/blazer, a light pullover (white), dark trousers or jeans, and sunglasses (Wayfarers or Persol Rattis). And don't forget the attitude!

Photos: GQ